God Is My Delight by W. Phillip Keller

It would depend on your expectations as to whether or not this book would be appreciated by the reader. Biblical exposition it is not. Keller does sprinkle some Scripture throughout, but God Is My Delight is essentially not a study based upon the Scriptures. Rather it is a testimony of a man who has walked with God for forty years. He wants to tell us of the delight that this adventure has been – as a matter of fact the word “delight” is used several times in each chapter, as are the words quiet(ly) and gentle(ly). The book unfolds along these lines. Keller is describing his quiet, gentle, delight in God. There is much good to be said for that, and reading about the life of one who has lived this way is encouraging.

On the negative side, his lifestyle would not be identifiable with most readers. Living a quiet, gentle life just has to be easier when your home is tucked away in the mountains overlooking a beautiful lake surrounded by forest, than living in an apartment in the city, or even in the suburbs with neighbors six feet away. Like Keller, most of us lament the asphalt jungle that our country has become, but not all of us can escape to serenity of the woods. (Do I sound jealous? I probably am, sigh!!).

Also, while denying it often, Keller is a little too mystical for my blood. He speaks much of the prompting of the Holy Spirit and his need to obey these promptings. Just once I would like for somebody to show me this unspoken nudging by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures. But that is another story. And to my surprise, Keller succumbs in the last chapter to the obligatory reference to Mother Theresa as a wonderful Christian example. Why Keller believes a Catholic Nun is a Christian is beyond me.

Overall the book is exactly what Keller intended for it to be – a gentle, quiet account of his life with God.

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