Founded, The Heritage of Ethnos360

Founded tells the inspiring story of the beginnings and early days of the mission agency, Ethnos360, formerly New Tribes Mission (NTM). Emerging from the heart of Paul Fleming, who longed to take the gospel to unreached people groups that most missions ignored, he realized it was necessary to form a mission organization that specialized in such outreach. Tracing the chronology of NTM from the late 1930s to 1950, Founded documents the faith, early strategy, tragedies, and perseverance of Fleming and other pioneer missionaries who joined NTM, which rapidly grew to impact the world for Christ. The mission was officially founded in the spring of 1942.

Cochran tells the account of the five martyrs who gave their lives attempting to reach the Ayoré people in 1943 in Bolivia, as well two plane crashes that took the lives of several missionaries, including Paul Fleming when the second plane went down in 1950. Some thought that NTM would die with Fleming, but such was not the case. The mission grew and flourished and today, under the name Ethnos360, is perhaps the largest independent mission agency in the world. It has been, and continues to be, a marvelous instrument in God’s hands bringing Christ to those who are often ignored by others. The reader will be inspired by this short book as the dedication, faith, and life of these ordinary men and women touched the world for Christ

by Rosie Cochran (Sanford, FL: Ethnos360, 2017), 96 pp., paper $32.00

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Southern View Chapel

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