For the Love of God (2 volumes) by D. A. Carson

Robert Murray M’Cheyne is rightly recognized as a saintly Scottish preacher from the early 1800s. Although he did not live to see 30, his life and writings still touch the hearts of God’s people today. He desired to foster serious Bible reading for his people and, in that regard, he “prepared a scheme for daily reading that would take readers through the New Testament and Psalms twice each year, and through the rest of the Bible once” (p. 12). D. A. Carson has taken M’Cheyne’s system and written two volumes of daily devotional material covering much of the reading in M’Cheyne’s schedule. Carson, being the biblical scholar that he is, supplies meaty comments that far exceed in content the normal devotional booklet. One drawback is that M’Cheyne had four listings per day and Carson, even in two volumes, covers only half of those readings. Another issue is that Carson’s covenantal eschatology shows up on occasion which will be troubling to some. Overall For the Love of God exceeds most devotional books and provides a handy way of working through the Scriptures in one or two years.

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