Fool’s Gold by General Editor: John MacArthur

Written by John MacArthur and seven staff members of Grace Community Church, Fool’s Gold? is devoted to the matter of discernment. Some of the more popular deceptions littering modern evangelicalism are identified and examined in light of Scripture including: The Purpose-Driven Life, Wild at Heart, contemporary Christian music and the New Perspective. These issues, and more, are bookcased with chapters by MacArthur on a call to biblical discernment.

Fool’s Gold? is biblically sound and, even in areas in which there is more room for opinion, the authors’ position is well supported.

One thing I appreciate about MacArthur and his staff is their willingness to strongly declare their views. Whether I always agree with them or not, at least I know where they stand. I also appreciate their willingness to tackle the hard issues that confront us today and to name names where needed. I find far too many in evangelical circles who know a great deal of what happened in church history but don’t have a clue about what is going on today. And there are plenty who don’t have a clue about church history who are perpetuating the same errors as our fathers. Still others know the issues but are afraid to step up and take a stand. Not so MacArthur and company. Even if I come down on a different side of some subjects, at least I have been presented with a good argument.

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