Fight the Good Fight, Reclaiming Biblical Fundamentalism

The world needs more fundamentalists. That phrase might be shocking to many, considering how the world and other segments of Christianity usually speak of fundamentalism. But it is true, and this book makes a powerful case for it in a brief and accessible way.

In this book you will find:

  • Helpful definitions that will seek to draw the reader to embrace *biblical* fundamentalism as opposed to *cultural* fundamentalism;
  • A call to defend biblical truth and to stand firm on the theological fundamentals;
  • Helpful sketches of history from a number of angles that reveal how we got to where are and what the pathway forward is;
  • A warning against always trying to find the middle ground;
  • A call to forsake cultural fundamentalism, legalism, and unbiblical separation–the things that are typically thought of when thinking of fundamentalism;
  • A call to the theological equipping of the church and a deepening of biblical literacy.

The church at large must embrace the principles of this book if we are to continue to stand in an age when so many are tossed around by every wind of doctrine and the cunning deceitfulness of mankind.

The world needs more of this kind of fundamentalism.

Edited by Richard Bargas, contributors: Gary Gilley, David Deets, Cory Marsh (Grand Rapids: IFCA Press, 2024) 129 pp, paper.

Reviewed by Kenn Chipchase

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