Feed My Sheep, a Passionate Plea for Preaching by Edited by Don Kistier

Feed My Sheep is a compilation of articles written by eleven of the best preachers of modern times: e.g. John MacArthur, John Piper, and Sinclair Ferguson. Topics covered include: expository preaching, the foolishness of preaching, preaching to the mind, preaching to the heart and preaching with authority.

As with any book written by a number of authors, this one is uneven in quality. In my opinion, the chapters vary from good to mediocre, but none are outstanding. The book as a whole is interesting and valuable, and its emphasis on biblical preaching is sorely needed. However, Feed My Sheep was just not that inspirational, nor instructional. The reader would be better off turning to MacArthur’s and Haddon Robinson’s books for instruction, and John Piper’s and Warren Wiersbe’s for inspiration.

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