Fast Facts on Bible Prophecy by Thomas Ice & Timothy J. Demy, (Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House, 1997) 237 pp., paper $10.98

This book is a handy reference work dealing with times and details concerning biblical prophecy, from a pretribulational, and dispensational perspective. It is organized alphabetically, like a small encyclopedia in which the reader can search for a word or phrase to find its meaning and how it is used in Scripture. The book opens with “Abaddon” and closes with “Zion,” with hundreds of short descriptions in between. Fast Facts is thorough and at the same time concise. It is an excellent starting point for understanding or refreshing one’s memory about prophetically-related subjects. The book has a number of helpful charts, but lacks indexes.

For those knowledgeable on eschatology, especially as understood by dispensationalists, there will be few surprises in Fast Facts. However the authors take the “historical-prophetical” interpretation of the seven churches found in Revelation 2-3. Although not a unique view, I was not expecting to find two futurist scholars interpreting the seven churches as prophetic of church history, rather than taking a more literal approach.

Whether or not you agree with Ice and Demy on the seven churches, Fast Facts is a highly useful book.

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