Exploding the Myths that Could Destroy America by Erwin W. Lutzer

Anything Lutzer writes is worth reading. He does not give superficial answers to complex issues, so even if you don’t agree, he causes you to think. In Exploding, Lutzer is dealing with concerns such as morality, abortion, communism, evolution, pornography and the church’s role in politics. His thoughts are usually clear, solid and worth consideration. While I am on the same page with Lutzer on most of his subjects, I have some problems with what appears to be some Reconstructionist’s leanings (see especially chapter 12). Another problem, for this type of book, is that it is getting a little dated. Published in 1986 it is impossible to be abreast of the current situations facing our country today, or the most recent information on the items he discusses. Nevertheless, much of the material is timeless and can still be read with profit.

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