Dispensationalism by Charles C. Ryrie

In 1965 Ryrie wrote Dispensationalism Today, which would become the standard work on the subject. But much has changed since the mid-60s, as far as dispensational thought is concerned, and Ryrie saw the need to update and revise his former work. We are glad that he did, for Dispensationalism is certainly needed in an age that has either ignored or rejected the dispensational view of Scripture.

Ryrie is in a league of his own when it comes to discussing complicated and important issues in succinct and readable fashion. He deals readily with the history and background, as well as the theological concerns surrounding this subject. He also discusses covenant theology, ultra-dispensationalism and the newest wrinkle on this doctrinal page – progressive dispensationalism. Along the way he refutes the oft-heard claim that dispensationalists teach separate gospel messages in the Old and New Testaments. However, he points out that while dispensationalists do teach that salvation has always been by faith, the object of that faith is not always the same. This is a different understanding than that of the covenant theologian who believes the object of faith is always Jesus Christ.

Not every dispensationalist will line up on every issue with Ryrie, but he has done a great service by offering this volume. Dispensationalism is struggling today, largely because of the lack of published works. This book will help, but we are in desperate need of other types of publications, especially commentaries and doctrinal studies.

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