The Disciple Making Church by Bill Hull

With a few exceptions (such as using Mother Teresa and Dietrich Bonhoeffer as examples of Christians to model), The Disciple Making Church is an excellent examination of the discipling ministry that should be part of every local congregation. Hull, basing most of what he writes on the New Testament, has a good grasp of what a church ought to be, and all sorts of ideas on how to get there. He occasionally pushes a little too close to the market-driven paradigm, but the discerning reader should be able to filter out the fluff from the stuff. I liked his thoughts on the priorities of church leaders and outreach activities (he calls them “fishing pool” ideas). I thought he went too far when he recommended only one “sit and listen” service a week, which would lead to a doctrinally endemic church in a short time. Hull’s comprehensive flow-charts and organization structure is more than most churches would want to initiate, but the book serves as a good primer for leaders interested in the discipleship process.

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