Decisions, Decisions by Dave Swavely

A number of years ago, Gary Friesen wrote a book entitled Decision Making and the Will of God that presented an excellent biblical critique concerning decision making. Friesen challenged the traditional view, so popular today, that God leads His people through hunches, feelings, promptings and other subjective means. Friesen argued convincingly that God does not lead in any of these ways; rather, He leads through Scripture and wisdom.

Friesen’s book was excellent but it was wordy and occasionally redundant and, therefore, many would never work their way through it. Swavely’s book, on the other hand, covers much of the same ground but with brevity. Decisions, Decisions is a mere 176 pages of big print. It is highly readable and comes with discussion questions at the end of each chapter. I believe Swavely has given us a fine resource that is biblically sound. The message contained in this book is one that is certainly needed. It would be extremely useful for small group Bible study as well.

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