Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America

David Horowitz is a conservative commentator and bestselling author of literature addressing primarily the radical left and rise of Marxism in America. His books, well-represented by Dark Agenda, are interesting, informative, and filled with stories, accounts and statistics that support his conservative views and expose the true agenda of those on his radar. In this book, that agenda is the destruction of Christianity because it stands in direct opposition to the goals of the Marxist Left (pp. 15, 34-35). As Bill Maher says, “Religion must die for mankind to live” (p. 15).

Horowitz provides much evidence for his accusation that the political left is attempting to stamp out Christianity and its morals and virtues, and along the way to radically reshape America to reflect Marxist principles. He offers New Atheism (pp. 7-35), the efforts of Madalyn Murray O’Hair (pp. 63-74), Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood (pp. 77-83), abortion and gay marriage (pp. 82-83, 109-121), the Obama Administration (p. 151), and the rise of Marxism in the 1960s (p. 162) as proof of the new left’s dark agenda. In light of the social unrest of our present time, it is instructive to read his view that the Enlightenment principles, which formed the bedrock of the American experiment – untrammeled free speech, due process, individual rights – are now considered masks for ”white male power” and white supremacy (p. 125). Christians are increasingly seen as the primary enemy of equality and justice, in our society.

Interestingly, given Horowitz’s defense of Christianity, he is not a believer. He describes himself as an agnostic (p. 24) who rejects a literal interpretation of Scripture and thinks most Jews and Christians do too (pp. 8, 11). While fairly well-versed in basic Christian doctrine, he offers no hope in Jesus, no redemption from sin, and no discussion of the person and work of Christ. So why such passion to maintain a Christian foundation in America? Because it works. He writes: “If Genesis were a work of fiction, it would still provide believers and nonbelievers with guides to a better life” (p. 8). In other words, God may or may not exist and Scripture may be merely a grouping of human-created accounts, rules and proverbs, but America functions better if we embrace the Christian storyline. His support of Christianity is purely pragmatic.

We can expect nothing more from a conservative agnostic but the discerning Christian must not be content with pragmatism. Christianity does work, as Horowitz has observed, but it works because it is true. Horowitz wants America to maintain Christian values and principles, but he does not understand that, unless Christianity is true, its foundation will ultimately crumble. Could it be that the real dark agenda in America is the rejection of the veracity of Scripture and what it teaches about God, Christ, humanity, sin and salvation? Moral virtues cannot stand forever without a foundation of truth. Christians, therefore, can gain much insight from Dark Agenda, but they must move beyond Horowitz’ commentary to the biblical commentary, and proclaim it.

Dark Agenda, the War to Destroy Christian America, by David Horowitz (West Palm Beach: Humanix Books, 2018) 194 pp., hard $26.99.

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor/Teacher at Southern View Chapel

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