Culture Shift, Engaging Current Issues With Timeless Truth by R. Albert Mohler

Culture Shift is comprised of twenty short essays addressing various cultural issues from a biblical perspective. Subjects include secularism (pp. 7-21), the morality of torture (pp. 33-63), public education (pp. 65-94), abortion (pp. 103-120), suffering and pain (pp. 121-136), atomic weaponry (pp. 145-154), and civil rights (pp. 156-160).

Books dealing with current issues can become dated in a hurry and Culture Shift is no exception. Yet, much of Mohler’s thoughts and reasoning is still relevant, and some such as suffering are timeless.

Culture Shift, Engaging Current Issues With Timeless Truth, by R. Albert Mohler (Colorado Springs: Multnomah, 2008), 160 pp. + xiv, Hard $14.99

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor/teacher at Southern View Chapel

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