Comforting the Bereaved by Warren W. Wiersbe and David W. Wiersbe

In this little volume the Wiersbes have provided pastors with a most wonderful, practical and useful guide for helping those facing the death of loved ones. From the funeral service, to the funeral sermon, to encouraging the grieving, Comforting the Bereaved deals insightfully with all of these issues and more. This is not a book to be read and placed on a shelf. Rather it should serve as a constant resource, often consulted, and its advice pondered.

Even with all the valuable information contained in this book there is one negative – the Wiersbes sprinkle purely psychological advice throughout. For those who can filter out this unfortunate information, no harm will be done. For those who can’t, the book could take them in some misguided directions. My counsel is: ignore their pop-psychology and zero in on their biblical and practical instruction and you will be greatly helped.

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