Christianity Explored, What’s the Best News You’ve Ever Heard? (Leader’s Handbook 4th Edition)

This handbook accompanies a student manual and is designed to lead a small group of unbelievers on a seven-week study through the Gospel of Mark.  Attention is focused on three threads that are traced throughout the Gospel.  The identity of Jesus is examined during the first two sessions; the mission of Jesus, what He set out to achieve, is the subject of sessions three through five; finally Jesus’ call to us is explored in sessions six and seven.

The Leader’s Handbook begins by providing necessary information to prepare the leaders of the study, guiding them through each session with discussion questions, suggested answers to those questions, and biblical insights.  Each of the studies is broken into four sections:

  • Explore – in which the Bible is read together and examined.
  • Listen – via watching a downloadable video and taking notes on the material given.
  • Discuss – where some of the points from the Bible talk is discussed.
  • Follow up – reading portions of Mark and answering prepared questions between sessions.

An additional “Day Away” lesson plan is also included.  At the back of the handbook five appendixes are inserted which cover answers to:

  • Questions from Mark which may arise
  • General questions about Christian beliefs
  • The reliability of Mark’s Gospel

As well as a first century map of Israel and the texts of the video scripts.

Attendees are given their own student manual to guide them throughout the seven sessions.  When completed, any who stay the course will understand directly from the Gospel of Mark who Jesus claimed to be and why He came to earth.  They will then be given opportunity to respond to the gospel, but without pressure or manipulation.  I believe Christianity Explored has real potential as a tool for evangelism, especially among people who think they know who Jesus is but have never actually examined the scriptural witness.

Christianity Explored, What’s the Best News You’ve Ever Heard? (Leader’s Handbook 4th Edition) (Surrey, UK: The Good Book Company, 2016), 175 pp., paper $12.99

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-teacher, Southern View Chapel

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