The Cessation of the Prophetic Gifts

The Cessation of the Prophetic Gifts is Timothy Dane’s doctrinal dissertation in partial fulfillment of the requirements for his Doctor of Philosophy degree at Baptist Bible Seminary.  It is a scholarly work with thousands of footnotes (which happily are not endnotes, making for easier reference) and an extensive 69 page bibliography. Dane clearly defines the […]

The Greeks, Crucible of Civilization by Paul Cartledge

Greek history has always fascinated me, so when I stumbled across an intriguing PBS documentary by the above title, I just had to have the accompanying book. Unfortunately this is one of those rare cases when the movie is better than the book, although not by much. Actually the book is very interesting, full of […]

The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams

That the autobiography of a relatively obscure individual would be considered perhaps the greatest of all autobiographies (by many critics) was intriguing to me. I thought that I might give it a read. What I found surprised me. Henry Adams, a grandson of John Quincy Adams, was a brilliant man who lived a long time, […]

Theology Lessons

Theology lessons are downloadable outlines of key doctrines found in Scripture. These lessons can be used to guide your personal study in these areas or for systematic theology classes in your church or small group Bible study. Click on a doctrine title below to download. Systematic Theology Angelology The Doctrine of Angels Anthropology The Doctrine […]

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