A Biblical Case for Cessationism, Why the Miraculous Gifts of the Spirit Have Ended

As the title suggests, this book presents a case for “cessationism,” defined as, “Cessationists believe the Holy Spirit no longer sovereignly gives individual Christians the temporary sign gifts, also known as the miraculous gifts… We do not believe that God is still speaking audibly as He did in the Old and New Testament eras. We […]

A Biblical Theology of the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace

George Zemek has written a scholarly and valuable work dealing with, as the title indicates, “exegetical considerations of key anthropological, hamartiogical and soteriological terms and motifs.” His approach is to examine key Hebrew and Greek words dealing with the subject under discussion and then draw theological conclusions based on these word studies and related scriptures. […]

Gentle and Lowly, the Heart of Christ For Sinners and Sufferers

Using the Puritans, especially Thomas Goodwin, as his guiding interpretive model (p. 14), Dane Ortlund sets out to write a book about the heart of Christ—who He really is (p. 13). The target audience is: “. . . The discouraged, the frustrated, the weary, the disenchanted, the cynical, the empty. Those running on fumes. Those […]

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