The Shallows, What the Internet Is Doing with Our Brains by Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr has written a fascinating book on the effect of the internet on lives and, in particular, our way of thinking.  The author’s thesis is that modern technology, especially the internet, is rerouting our brains (p. 77), changing the way we think (p. 18) and the way we read (p. 90), is designed to […]

The Checklist Manifesto, How to Get Things Right By Atul Gawande

Despite our vast knowledge in virtually every area of life, Gawande believes we are still deeply prone to failure.  He believes many such failures could be overcome (and, conversely, much success obtained) through a simple but often ignored tool, the checklist.  He writes: That means we need a different strategy for overcoming failure, one that […]

Ecumenical Quest for a World Federation by Martin Erdmann

Ecumenical Quest for a World Federation is an excellent work which informs us of the past and gives us much to consider for the future. Erdmann writes of the era when World War I was approaching and a number of influential people gave thought to what could possibly abolish war and solve most of the […]

It’s OK to Say God,Prelude to a Constitutional Renaissance,by Tad Armstrong (Bloomington, Indiana: Westbow Press, 2011), 350 pp. + xiii, paper $25.00

Tad Armstrong, an attorney and founder of ELL Constitution Clubs, established to provide a forum for lay people to study the actually pronouncements of the United States Supreme Court, has a deep concern. He believes that most people, including Christians, are ignorant of the actual rulings of the Supreme Court, especially as they touch our […]

The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction

Jonathan Cahn’s, The Harbinger, is a warning to America that God’s judgment is imminent unless the country repents and turns to the Lord, and that very soon. The need for repentance and true dedication to Christ in our society is not doubted by most Christians. America, as a whole, has rejected the Lord, ignored His […]

The End of Education by Neil Postman

Postman, author of insightful books such as Amusing Ourselves to Death and The Disappearance of Childhood, stretches our minds again in this volume.  Postman does not really believe that education has ended but he argues for an educational system that asks different questions, and looks for different results than is common today. Due to my […]

Y2K: A Reasoned Response to Mass Hysteria by Dave Hunt

Hunt takes a far more moderate approach than many to the computer glitch now referred to as Y2K. He quotes generously from those who foresee great disaster as the world approaches the year 2000, but he firmly disagrees with their scenario. The views of the doomsayers are based, Hunt believes, on misinformation and/or dated reports. […]

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Seven Habits is one of the most successful and widely acclaimed books in the success literature genre. Even in fundamental Christian circles it ha received strong endorsements. So I had to see what all the excitement was about for myself. On the positive side I greatly appreciate Covey’s emphasis on character development as opposed to […]