Not by Ignorance, An Explanation of Cessationism by Frank W. R. Benoit

As a longtime missionary in Spain, Frank Benoit has witnessed the encroachment of Pentecostal/charismatic views concerning the sign gifts since 1994. Not satisfied in his efforts to find a readable challenge to these views, nor an approachable explanation of cessationism for the average believer, he decided to write this book to fill the gap (p. […]

The Creedal Imperative by Carl R. Trueman

Carl Trueman, well-known Orthodox Presbyterian scholar and, at the time this book was written, a professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, has authored as fine of a book supportive of using creeds and confessions in the local church as one will likely find.  Reacting to the slogan “No creed but the Bible,” Trueman […]

The Son Who Learned Disobedience

The Son Who Learned Obedience, a Theological Case Against the Eternal Submission of the Son by D. Glenn Butner, Jr. (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2018) 224 + x pp., paper $28.00 The Son Who Learned Obedience is exactly what the subtitle claims—a heavy, intense, thorough and robust defense against the theological position held by many […]

The Cessation of the Prophetic Gifts

The Cessation of the Prophetic Gifts is Timothy Dane’s doctrinal dissertation in partial fulfillment of the requirements for his Doctor of Philosophy degree at Baptist Bible Seminary.  It is a scholarly work with thousands of footnotes (which happily are not endnotes, making for easier reference) and an extensive 69 page bibliography. Dane clearly defines the […]

Reenchanting Humanity, A Theology of Mankind by Owen Strachan

Owen Strachan, Associate Professor of Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has written a contemporary study on the doctrine of anthropology. The book is written with theologians, seminarians, pastors, and serious Bible students in mind (p. 6), although most of this material is accessible to the non-scholastic believer. While Strachan describes Reenchanting Humanity as a […]

What is Dispensationalism? Editor Paul Miles

Twenty-eight authors contributed to What is Dispensationalism? edited by Paul Miles, who established and directs Grace Abroad Ministries, the publishers of this book.  This multi-author volume accomplishes what it set out to do—explain dispensationalism, which is defined as “a school of thought that results from reading the Bible plainly and, therefore recognizes a distinction between […]

For Whom Did Christ Die? Reconciling Unlimited Atonement and Limited Atonement by R. J. Arthur

It would be impossible to improve on the author’s given outline: The present author will provide a consistent and accurate biblical verse by verse exegetical commentary of Romans 5:12-21.  Following this exegesis, several scriptural proof texts from both the Unlimited Atonement and Limited Atonement proponents will be presented and correctly interpreted within the light of […]

The Law, Then and Now: What About Grace? by John B. Metzger

For over two decades, John Metzger has been involved in Jewish Ministries and is well qualified to tackle the controversial role of the Mosaic Law in the church age.  In short, he views the Old Testament Law as no longer operative, having been replaced by the Law of Christ.  Actually, I think the title of […]