City of Man, Kingdom of God, Why Christians Respect, Obey, and Resist Government

Jesse Johnson is tackling the thorny topic of Christians and obedience to government. He examines the design of government by God, stating that it was established to protect mankind from injustice (pp. 28-37). Even though no government is without flaws, Christians should submit under normal circumstances because it is the Lord who has created all […]

Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

Rosaria Butterfield is well-known as a former professor teaching feminism and living as a lesbian lifestyle who came to Christ, abandoned her former ideologies and sinful life, ultimately married, and became a pastor’s wife. She is now a strong advocate for biblical Christianity and traditional marriage (chapter one reviews her conversion story). She also powerfully […]

A Boisterously Reformed Polemic Against Limited Atonement

In this relatively short, sometimes humorous, often sarcastic defense of unlimited atonement, Austin Brown takes the strict particularist (limited atonement) adherents to the woodshed. Terming his view classical moderate (unlimited) (p. 5), which he defines as Christ paying an objective price for the sins of humanity, yet not dying with equal intent for all men. […]

The Thrill of Orthodoxy, Rediscovering the Adventure of Christian Faith

The Thrill of Orthodoxy received Christianity Today’s 2022 award of merit for Book of the Year in the theological category, and it was deserved. Trevin Wax, who wears many hats, is concerned that, in a world filled with information and disinformation, it has never been more important to reach back to old, foundational truths tested […]

Renewing the Evangelical Mission

In the early 1990s, David Wells, Mark Noll and Cornelius Plantinga Jr. received “a grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts to write a trio of books on the decline of evangelical theology and on ways it might rebound” (p. 189). Noll wrote The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Plantinga wrote Not the Way It’s Supposed […]

The Ology, Ancient Truths Ever New

This book is designed to teach children basic theology. Written in simple language, illustrated beautifully by Andy McGurie, The Ology is an extremely valuable resource, even for many adults who have minimal understanding of biblical truth. This is an excellent tool for use in family devotions as scriptural texts are added throughout that older children […]

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

This work was one of Christianity Today’s “Books of the Year” and, as its title suggests, is centered on the resurrection of Jesus, which the author believes is the “core of the core” of the gospel. The author’s stated purpose is found on the first page: “This book is about the theological significance and ongoing […]

Five Things Biblical Scholars Wish Theologians Knew

Scot McKnight’s companion book with Five Things Theologians Wished Biblical Scholars Knew is almost as disturbing as the first. Hans Boersma, the author of the volume mentioned above, comes fully equipped with Anglo-Catholic, mystical, and liberal credentials, but McKnight is a card-carrying evangelical. This renders the work under review even more disappointing than the latter […]

Five Things Theologians Wish Biblical Scholars Knew

I purchased this volume and its companion, Five Things Biblical Scholars Wish Theologians Knew, looking for a lively interaction between biblical scholars and theologians, which would expose holes in each approach leading to a better comprehension of God’s truth. Unfortunately, such was not the case. The publishers chose not an evangelical theologian to represent theologians […]

Things That Differ, the Fundamentals of Dispensationalism

The Berean Bible Society and Cornelius Stam represent a wing of dispensationalism often called hyperdispensationalism although this handle is rejected by those in the Grace Movement. While maintaining most of the major tenets of more traditional forms (e.g., moderate and progressive) such as a separation between the church and Israel and a consistent application of […]