Mere Christendom

Having written numerous blogs and articles on Christian Nationalism, Doug Wilson, a pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho and recognized evangelical proponent of Christian nationalism, has finally written a book summarizing his views on the subject. Unfortunately, in this reviewer’s opinion, Wilson writes much like he speaks—in short, often disconnected paragraphs, throwing out names […]

The Case for Christian Nationalism

As the title indicates, Stephen Wolfe, author, podcaster, and scholar, is developing and defending a polemic for Christian nationalism (while most authors capitalizes nationalism, Wolfe does not). It is helpful to know from the beginning that he does not attempt to make a biblical case, merely assuming that his preferred slice of Reformed theology is […]

Christian Nationalism, A Biblical Guide for Taking Dominion and Discipling Nations

Doug Wilson, endorsing this book written by the founder of, a free speech social network, and his associate, writes, “If you want to know more about Christian Nationalism, this book is for you. You will be getting your info from the horse’s mouth, as it were, instead of the mainstream media, which is oriented […]

Survival and Resistance in Evangelical America, Christian Reconstruction in Pacific Northwest

Historian and researcher Crawford Gribben states his purpose clearly: “This book describes a migration into the Pacific Northwest of religious and political conservatives, among whom and from whom the claims of Christian Reconstruction, or ‘theonomy,’ as this movement of ideas is often known, are beginning to circulate in modified forms more widely and more effectively […]

Theology that Sticks, The Life-Changing Power of Exceptional Hymns

Chris Anderson, a composer of over 50 hymns, has put his philosophy of Christian music in this extremely valuable book. His stated goal is “to consider what Scripture says about the kinds of songs Christians should sing. And [he wants] to provide a sort of ‘grid’ that helps believers measure songs intentionally and objectively rather […]

The Church as a Culture of Care, Finding Hope in Biblical Community

As Dale Johnson is the current executive director of the Association of Certified Bible Counselors and a professor of biblical counseling at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the reader would expect this work to be an explanation and promotion of biblical counseling, and they would be right. But Johnson is eager to tie counseling to the […]

Rediscover Church, Why the Body of Christ is Essential

While neither Hansen nor Leeman is a pastor, both being employed by parachurch organizations (the Gospel Coalition and 9Marks), they have teamed up in the wake of the Covid shut downs to call Christians to rediscover the church. They are concerned that too many have attached themselves to livestream and virtual church and are depreciating […]

A Place to Belong, Learning to Love the Local Church by Megan Hill

While many Christians are disappointed with, critical of, or apathetic toward the church (pp. 11-16), Megan Hill counters by claiming the great need today is to recapture the New Testament teaching on the church (p. 13).  Quoting Martin Lloyd-Jones she writes, “If only we could see ourselves in terms of it, we would realize that […]

The Mission of the Church, Five Views in Conversation, ed. by Craig Ott

This volume is not a dialogue among evangelicals concerning the mission of the church; it is far more ecumenical than that.  But by bringing together leading thinkers from five different theological traditions, a crosscurrent of views is well represented.  Stephen B. Bevans (Roman Catholic), Darrell L. Guder (mainline Protestant), Ruth Padilla DeBorst (Latina evangelical), Edwan […]