Planning Your Life God’s Way, Practical Help from the Bible for Making Decisions

The stated purpose for the book is “to equip you to improve your skill at making biblically-based, Christ-honoring decisions” (p. 184). I believe the author, a missionary to the Philippines with Gospel Fellowship Association, has achieved his goal. Planning Your Life God’s Way is a very readable, Bible-soaked and practical guide for decision making. Berrey […]

God’s Healing for Life’s Losses, How to Find Hope When You’re Hurting

Robert Kellemen has ministered as a professor, pastor, and CEO of various Christian ministries. He wrote this small book to offer hope to those who suffer, defining suffering as “getting what you do not want while wanting what you do not get” (p. 3). He believes suffering is God’s primary way of uprooting our self-reliance […]

The Joys of Successful Aging, Living Your Days to the Fullness

George Sweeting, former president of Moody Bible Institute, wrote this winsome little book when he was 83. His words of wisdom, practical advice, and enthusiastic optimism make the volume a delight to read and especially helpful to those in their latter years. In typical Sweeting style, it is filled with excellent stories, humor, and quotable […]

The Toxic War on Masculinity, How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes

The concept of toxic masculinity permeates our Western society. Men are regularly depicted in movies, on social media, and in the political arena as evil, abusers, and oppressors—in short, the “problem.” Toxic masculinity, we are told, must be eliminated from our culture if justice and equity are to survive. How did we get to the […]

Precious Truths in Practice, Holding Fast to God When You Are Overwhelmed

Certain biblical truths are like load-bearing walls in a house. Remove such walls and the ceiling collapses and, similarly, remove essential doctrines and Christianity crumbles. Martha Peace, recognizing this fact, has written a clear, concise and readable book, which emphasizes nine truths that are both necessary for the Christian life, and precious to the child […]

Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy, Discovering the Grace of Lament

Following the stillborn death of his daughter Sylvia in 2004, Pastor Mark Vroegop experienced deep sorrow for the first time in his life. This period of sorrow started Vroegop on a lifelong journey in lament, which was a means of grace to his soul (p. 195). As he began to look at the world with […]

Our Hope for Isabelle, Grieving with Joy and Hope for Eternity Through Infant Loss

This volume tells the sad but hope-filled story of a young Christian couple’s journey involving the birth, and four days later the death, of their little girl from Trisomy 18 (pp. 6-7). While other books have been written dealing with the loss of babies through miscarriage or after birth, the Bloomquists saw a need for […]

Overcoming Apathy, Gospel Hope for Those Who Struggle to Care

This book addressing apathy among Christians, written by a professor of theology at Talbot School of Theology, received Christianity Today’s book of the year award for 2022. The purpose of the volume is to explore apathy or indifference toward the things of God among Christians who are perplexed and want to change (p. 11). Chapter […]