Churchill by Paul Johnson

Winston Churchill is surely one of the greatest men of the twentieth century.  In his lifetime he wrote and published nearly 10 million words and, most likely, as many words have been written about him.  So why another biography on the famous politician, author, orator and military tactician?  Primarily because an excellent and yet short […]

Andrew Jackson by Robert V. Remini

This is one of the most celebrated and helpful biographies of Andrew Jackson available today. Remini pulls no punches, painting Jackson as a great hero, a powerful President of the people, and yet deeply flawed in many ways. Of particular interest at our present time is to observe how an 18th century President dealt with […]

John Owen, the Man and His Theology Edited by Robert W. Oliver

John Owen is considered one of the greatest theologians of any era, yet until the reprinting of his Works in the mid 1960s few would have recognized his name (p. 72). John Owen, the Man and His Theology serves as a great introduction to this man and his influence on theological thought. It is written […]

Jonathan Edwards, the Younger: 1745-1801 by Robert L. Ferm

While almost everyone knows of Jonathan Edwards, very few have heard of his son Jonathan Edwards Junior, although he was an influential theologian and pastor in his own right. His life began as the embers of the First Great Awakening were dying and ended as the flames of the Second Great Awakening were igniting. More […]

John Knox in Controversy by Hugh Watt

The title explains perfectly the content of this little book. This is not a biography of John Knox but rather an overview of four major controversies or confrontations that he encountered as he led the Reformation in Scotland in the sixteenth century. A fuller understanding of Knox’s life is needed to get a decent handle […]