By What Standard, God’s World. . . God Rules by Jared Longshore

Eight authors contribute to this work published by the SBC Founders movement and dedicated to critiquing Critical Race Theory (CRT) in light of biblical understanding on Social Justice. Several authors explain CRT including excellent materials from Voddie Baucham and Tom Ascol.  Ascol lists three problematic principles of critical theory (pp. 22-23). Identity – we are […]

One Foundation, Essays on the Sufficiency of Scripture

One Foundation was published as a tribute to John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse Bible teaching for 50 Years. Thirteen authors each write a chapter, not in praise of MacArthur but in praise and defense of biblical inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and sufficiency. R.C. Sproul writes the lead article providing foundational definitions and necessary background. Voddie Baucham follows with […]

African Hermeneutics by Elizabeth Mburu

Elizabeth Mburu is African by birth but received her theological training at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (PH.D.). She is a professor of New Testament and Greek and on the board of the Africa Bible Commentary.  Thus she is well suited, both by her personal background and by her education and experiences, to address the vital […]

Interpreting Old Testament Wisdom Literature edited by David G. Firth & Lindsay Wilson

This volume is written by eleven United Kingdom Bible scholars, including four women.   The authors consider only Job, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes as wisdom books proper, but find wisdom themes in Ruth, Song of Solomon, and Psalms as well as laced throughout the Old Testament.  Wisdom is defined as “basically skill in living, in how to […]

Biblical Authority after Babel by Kevin J. Vanhoozer

It has become popular among many modern theologians to disparage the Reformation and blame the Reformers for the “hermeneutical havoc” that has been unleashed upon the modern world (p x, see pp 10, 18-19). Vanhoozer wants to refute this idea by reclaiming “elements for a normative Protestantism from the ruins of present day by revisiting […]