Reading the Times, A Literary and Theological Inquiry into the News

In light of the consolidated, monetized and dominate flow of news coming from modern media sources, we need a practical theology of the news. Jeffrey Bilbro writes this volume to help his readers “think theologically” about how Christians should consume the news (p. 6). Each of the three parts addresses a particular set of questions: […]

Culture Shift, Engaging Current Issues With Timeless Truth by R. Albert Mohler

Culture Shift is comprised of twenty short essays addressing various cultural issues from a biblical perspective. Subjects include secularism (pp. 7-21), the morality of torture (pp. 33-63), public education (pp. 65-94), abortion (pp. 103-120), suffering and pain (pp. 121-136), atomic weaponry (pp. 145-154), and civil rights (pp. 156-160). Books dealing with current issues can become […]

Love Thy Body, Answering Hard Questions About Life and Sexuality

Nancy Pearcey is a professor, scholar, apologist, and award-winning author. She received much of her early biblical training at L’Abri under the teaching of Francis and Edith Schaeffer. In her best known book Total Truth, she reintroduced to contemporary Christians the apologetic approach of the Schaeffers (see my review of Total Truth here: In […]

Gospel Reset, Salvation Made Relevant by Ken Ham

The thesis of this small volume written by Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, is that, “The gospel message hasn’t changed, but the way in which it needs to be presented in a secularized culture does need to change” (p. 10).  Ham contends that due to the public educational system in America, lack of […]

Making Sense of God, an Invitation to the Skeptical by Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller’s popular The Reason for God presented a case for belief in God and Christianity, but Keller does not believe it began back far enough for the true skeptic, and thus the reason for this present volume (p. 4).  He wants to demonstrate to secular readers that Christianity is “sensible and desirable” (p. 216).  […]

Biblical Apologetics, Advancing and Defending the Gospel of Christ by Clifford B. McManis

McManis believes that the five traditional apologetical approaches (classical, evidential, cumulative case, Reformed and presuppositional) make major mistakes. Each approach attempts to defend the Christian faith by largely ignoring the Bible and offering philosophical answers instead. Even presuppositionism, with which McManis identifies, tends to be mostly philosophical rather than biblical. Therefore the author provides a […]