Bully Pulpit, Confronting the Problem of Spiritual Abuse in the Church

Michael Kruger has correctly observed that spiritual abuse is far too prevalent in the church and getting worse. He believes the problem can be traced to tolerating and even celebrating precisely the kinds of leaders Jesus warned us against—men who are domineering, authoritarian and heavy-handed (p. xiv). The poster boys of abuse, ones Kruger turns […]

Knowing God’s Truth, an Introduction to Systematic Theology

Touted by Christianity Today as one of the best books for 2023, and marketed as an excellent tool for teaching systematic theology to young people, Knowing God’s Truth drew my attention. There is much to commend in this volume. First, it is a relatively short work compared with most systematic theologies, which will appeal to […]

Fight the Good Fight, Reclaiming Biblical Fundamentalism

The world needs more fundamentalists. That phrase might be shocking to many, considering how the world and other segments of Christianity usually speak of fundamentalism. But it is true, and this book makes a powerful case for it in a brief and accessible way. In this book you will find: The church at large must […]

Suffering Well, How to Steward God’s Most Feared Blessing

Rick Thomas is a biblical counselor who leads a training network called The Counseling Solutions Group, Inc. In 1988, his wife of nine years left him, taking his children with her and never coming back. Thus began the darkest period of his life from which he did not fully recover for ten years (p. 126). […]

The Preeminent Christ, God’s Beautiful and Unchanging Gospel

In this short book, Paul Washer is showcasing the greatness of Christ and the gospel. This reviewer appreciates the fact that Washer defines what he means by the gospel, especially since many authors today do not. He distinguishes between a broad use of the word, which he claims is found on every page of Scripture, […]

Counting the Cost, A Memoir

This is the second book written by one of the Duggar girls who were made famous by the TLC hit show 19 Kids and Counting. Jill is the second daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. The show attempted to portray the wholesome Christian lifestyle and values of the huge Duggar family. The Duggars are […]

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