The Joys of Successful Aging, Living Your Days to the Fullness

George Sweeting, former president of Moody Bible Institute, wrote this winsome little book when he was 83. His words of wisdom, practical advice, and enthusiastic optimism make the volume a delight to read and especially helpful to those in their latter years. In typical Sweeting style, it is filled with excellent stories, humor, and quotable […]

City of Man, Kingdom of God, Why Christians Respect, Obey, and Resist Government

Jesse Johnson is tackling the thorny topic of Christians and obedience to government. He examines the design of government by God, stating that it was established to protect mankind from injustice (pp. 28-37). Even though no government is without flaws, Christians should submit under normal circumstances because it is the Lord who has created all […]

Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

Rosaria Butterfield is well-known as a former professor teaching feminism and living as a lesbian lifestyle who came to Christ, abandoned her former ideologies and sinful life, ultimately married, and became a pastor’s wife. She is now a strong advocate for biblical Christianity and traditional marriage (chapter one reviews her conversion story). She also powerfully […]

A Biblical Case for Cessationism, Why the Miraculous Gifts of the Spirit Have Ended

As the title suggests, this book presents a case for “cessationism,” defined as, “Cessationists believe the Holy Spirit no longer sovereignly gives individual Christians the temporary sign gifts, also known as the miraculous gifts… We do not believe that God is still speaking audibly as He did in the Old and New Testament eras. We […]

Mere Christendom

Having written numerous blogs and articles on Christian Nationalism, Doug Wilson, a pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho and recognized evangelical proponent of Christian nationalism, has finally written a book summarizing his views on the subject. Unfortunately, in this reviewer’s opinion, Wilson writes much like he speaks—in short, often disconnected paragraphs, throwing out names […]

Discovering Dispensationalism, Tracing the Development of Dispensational Thought from the First to the Twenty-First Century

Discovering Dispensationalism seeks to correct the many misconceptions that some have of dispensational theology (p. 6) and present a clear and accurate understanding of its teachings. Editors Cory Marsh and James Fazio, both professors at Southern California Seminary, have formed a team of a dozen dispensational scholars who trace dispensational ideas from the first century […]

Dispensational Hermeneutics, Interpretation Principles That Guide Dispensationalism’s Understanding of the Bible’s Storyline

Michael Vlach is currently a professor at Shepherds Theological Seminary and is one of the leading promoters and defenders of dispensational theology. In this slim but packed volume, he skillfully outlines the hermeneutical approach used by dispensationalists (chapters 1-4) and contrasts that approach to the ones used by non-dispensationalists (chapters 5-6). His stated purpose is […]