Twelve Steps in the Wrong Direction

(Volume 22, Issue 1, Jan/Feb 2016) A Biblical View of Codependency and Alcoholics Anonymous by Gary E. Gilley and M. Kurt Goedelman A number of years ago I wrote a TOTT article dealing with twelve-step programs as well as codependency.  Recently that article was revised by myself and Kurt Goedelman, the director of Personal Freedom […]

The Tragedy of Self-deception

(August/September 2011 – Volume 17, Issue 4) “The power of the human mind to deceive itself seems infinite”[1] The Greek philosopher Demosthenes said, “Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be truth.”[2] In his confessions Augustine wrote, “Man’s love of truth is such that when he loves […]

Twelve-Step Recovery Groups and the Christian

(April 1996 – Volume 2, Issue 6) Without a doubt, the most widely recommended “therapy” for people struggling with life (including various forms of addictions, many “mental illnesses,” and conditions such as codependency) is a recovery group that employs a Twelve-Step program. The original Twelve-Step recovery group is, of course, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) which was […]

The Biblical View of Self-Image

(September 1996 – Volume 2, Issue 11) The fact is that the self-image movement is neither Biblical nor scientific. It is a fad that will eventually pass away after doing incredible damage in our society and unfortunately in all too many churches. By God’s grace and the truth of His Word, believers need not be […]

Inner Healing and Visualization

(November 1996 – Volume 2, Issue 13) The true gospel message is that God saves people even though they are yet sinners (Romans 5:1-11). However, He does not simply leave them in their sins, but rather, forgives their sins and imputes to them the righteousness of Christ (Romans 4). By grace He brings them into […]

Codependency, A Biblical View

(October 1996 – Volume 2, Issue 12)  There is neither scientific nor Biblical evidence to support the claims of those who teach the theories of codependency, but why should truth get in the way of a good thing? Codependency is one of the “hot topics,” at the moment, in modern-day psychology. Until recent years the […]

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