Can Man Live Without God? by Ravi Zacharias

Zacharias is an able apologist in the tradition of Frances Schaeffer. He writes well, mixes heavy thoughts with interesting stories and stays within the framework of conservative biblical Christianity. Having said that, it should be recognized that not all of Zacharias’ concepts emerge from Scripture. Unfortunately, there is good evidence in this book that the author has swallowed a great deal of secular psychology, which he freely interlaces with biblical truth. As a matter of fact, this whole volume is built on the foundation that man has the need for meaning and security (see p.113), a standard understanding of several wings of psychology but not found in Scripture.

If the reader can leap over this admittedly large crevice there is much delicious fruit waiting on the other side. Zacharias handles well many philosophical questions. He proposes wonderful insights into the reasoning and views of the secular mind, offering alternatives that square with Scripture. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Can Man Live Without God, but lament that the author cannot discern the influence of the secular mind upon his own views. As a result, I must recommend caution in reading this author, although the careful student can glean much of value.