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  • Toward an Exegetical Theology, Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.

    PrintWalter Kaiser’s classic book on exegesis and preaching is still valuable and greatly needed.  His concern, when he wrote in 1981, was to close the gap that existed between the study of the text of Scripture and the delivery of the message (pp. 8, 48).  That gap still exists today, and thus the current need to continue to study Toward an Exegetical Theology.  Kaiser calls his approach the syntactical-theological method of exegesis and sermon building (p. 9).  There are two issues being addressed:  exegesis and delivery of the exegetical message. The bulk of the book explores the first of these, including discussions concerning hermeneutics (pp. 25-30), authorial intent (pp. 21, 33, 59, 79, 83, 106), differences between meaning and significance (p. 32), definition of exegesis (pp. 43-44), and the history and importance of gramatico-historical hermeneutics (pp. 44-47, 55, 60-61, 87-89, 197), although Kaiser proposes a name change to syntactical-theological method…(Read More)

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  • Hot Protestants, a History of Puritanism in England and America by Michael P. Winship

    PrintMichael Winship is a professor of history at the University of Georgia and a prolific author of historical volumes.  In Hot Protestants, a term used by their contemporaries for Protestants who would later be called puritans (p. 1), Winship traces the history of puritanism from its roots in the 1540s …(Read More)
  • Makers of Puritan History by Marcus L. Loane

    PrintThis book contains short biographies of four important Puritans who lived during the struggles of the Stuart Regime.  Alexander Henderson and Samuel Rutherford represent the Scottish Puritans, and John Bunyard and Richard Baxter represent the English.  All the accounts are interesting and offer insight into the life, times and matters …(Read More)
  • African Hermeneutics by Elizabeth Mburu

    PrintElizabeth Mburu is African by birth but received her theological training at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (PH.D.). She is a professor of New Testament and Greek and on the board of the Africa Bible Commentary.  Thus she is well suited, both by her personal background and by her education and …(Read More)
  • Missions, How the Local Church Goes Global by Andy Johnson

    PrintAndy Johnson, associate pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, DC, has contributed this short volume to the 9Marks: Building Healthy Churches Series. As advertised, Johnson is not promoting a complicated missions program, but rather providing straight forward, wise and biblical insights into how a local church can develop …(Read More)
  • For Whom Did Christ Die? Reconciling Unlimited Atonement and Limited Atonement by R. J. Arthur

    PrintIt would be impossible to improve on the author’s given outline: The present author will provide a consistent and accurate biblical verse by verse exegetical commentary of Romans 5:12-21.  Following this exegesis, several scriptural proof texts from both the Unlimited Atonement and Limited Atonement proponents will be presented and correctly …(Read More)