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  • The Old in the New, Understanding How the New Testament Authors Quoted the Old Testament by Michael Vlach

    PrintSince ten percent of the New Testament consists of Old Testament quotes and allusions (pp. i, v), the question arises as to how these quotes are to be interpreted. In particular, when the New Testament authors use Old Testament quotations which are at variance to the apparent meaning of the original texts, how are these quotes to be understood? Michael Vlach, current Professor of Theology at Shepherd’s Theological Seminary, identifies seven key approaches by evangelicals on the use of the Old Testament in the New, and devotes a chapter to each view. They are: Single Meaning – Multiple Implications (or Consistent Contextual Use of the OT by the NT Writers Approach). Human Meaning Plus Hidden Divine Meaning (or Sensus Plenior Approach). Contemporary Judaism/Second Temple Judaism (or NT Writers Used Jewish Interpretive Principles of the Day Approach). Canonical Interpretation (or Broader Canon as Basis for Understaind the OT Approach). Inspired Sensus…(Read More)

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