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  • The Storm-Tossed Family, How the Cross Reshapes the Home by Russell Moore

    PrintThe Storm-Tossed Family was honored with Christianity Today’s 2019 Beautiful Orthodoxy Book of the Year Award, so I was curious as to why. I found the book interesting in places, even if Moore often wrote in generalities and loaded the work with clichés.  I was bothered by his constant references to the “gospel,” without defining the gospel clearly.  This is especially true when he quoted positively several Roman Catholics who presumably would reject Moore’s understanding of the gospel: Thomas Merton (p. 136), Flannery O’Connor (p. 249), and J. R. R. Tolkien (p. 263), along with Wendell Berry who never claimed to be a Christian (p. 83).  Concerning the gospel, I would assume that Moore accepts penal substitution (p. 27 alluded to this), but he emphasizes the Christus-Victor view on the atonement, writing, “At the cross, Jesus defeated the accusing spirits by break the deception they have over human image-bearers.” This…(Read More)

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