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  • Christ-Centered Preaching, Redeeming the Expository Sermon by Bryan Chapell

    PrintWhen Bryan Chapell wrote Christ-Centered Preaching he was president and professor of practical theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis.  He now pastors Grace Presbyterian church in Peoria, Illinois.  Apart from the last two chapters, this volume is a relatively standard, and excellent, manual on homiletics.  It resembles the classic Biblical Preaching written by Haddon Robinson and covers much of the same material and more. Chapell recognizes that there is no one right style of preaching, but he is convinced of the importance of expository preaching (pp. 15-16, 30-33), as opposed to topical, moralistic and therapeutic preaching that has become increasingly common (p. 19).  Chapell believes that expository preaching is committed to proclaiming the actual revelation of God (pp. 30-31, 46, 59, 75-77).  In structuring such sermons the author addresses all the important elements of the message: introduction, proposition, outline, conclusion, content, application, and illustrations.   Much practical instruction is…(Read More)

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