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  • For Whom Did Christ Die? Reconciling Unlimited Atonement and Limited Atonement by R. J. Arthur

    PrintIt would be impossible to improve on the author’s given outline: The present author will provide a consistent and accurate biblical verse by verse exegetical commentary of Romans 5:12-21.  Following this exegesis, several scriptural proof texts from both the Unlimited Atonement and Limited Atonement proponents will be presented and correctly interpreted within the light of Romans 5:12-21.  Finally, in a summary conclusion, the present author will answer the following three fundamental questions and provide pragmatic implications with practical applications:   1. What is the nature of Atonement? Or in other words, for whom did Jesus die? 2. What is the efficacy of Jesus’ atonement? Or in other words, what effect does Jesus’ atonement have upon whom? 3. Monergism or Synergism? (sic) Or in other words, what cooperative or participatory role does mankind play in their own salvation (pp. xii-xiii)? In this self-published work, R. J. Arthur (I do not know…(Read More)

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