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  • The Hidden History of the Historic Fundamentalists, 1933-1948, Reconsidering the Historic Fundamentalists’ Response to the Upheavals, Hardships, and Horrors of the 1930s and 1940s by Jim Owen

    PrintJim Owen, former Associate Professor of History at The Master’s College, believes that historic fundamentalists, especially dispensationalists, have been unfairly portrayed by historians (including many evangelicals). These historians see “historic fundamentalists…as theologically ‘challenged’, politically indifferent, socially uncaring, and economically only one small step above a Social Darwinian Neanderthal” (p. xv).  Owen writes this massive tome to set the record straight, specifically by “redress[ing] the misinformation” and demonstrating that an “important segment of historic fundamentalism was vigorously active in seeking to help alleviate the distress and poverty that attended the Great Depression” (p. xxiv).  Additionally, “Historians must be questioned as to why they have allowed this important segment of historic fundamentalist’s history to be ignored, denied, misinterpreted, reinterpreted or downplayed so that the contribution they did make is never given due consideration” (p. xxiv).  Owen’s goal is to prove that “the infamous fundamentalist siege mentality with its supposed indifference toward things…(Read More)

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