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  • Christ’s Call to Reform the Church by John MacArthur

    PrintJohn MacArthur sees the imminent need for the church to reform.  A new reformation, as he understands it, would require a return to the five solas of the sixteenth century Reformation.  Short of such an appreciation and adherence to the solas (pp. 177-194) any attempt for church revival will be superficial and temporal.  Of late the church has gotten sidetracked by any number of things, including social justice (pp. 9-11), attempts to attract unbelievers through worldly means (p. 99), minimizing theology (p. 25), subjectivism (pp. 4, 180-181), the prosperity gospel, and tolerance of the pagan culture (pp. 110-114).  Depending upon the reader’s perspective, MacArthur is either taking the opportunity to ride his hobby horses or is offering insightful application of the text of Scripture.  I choose the latter, fully realizing that these are well-worn themes in MacArthur’s teaching ministry but obviously still pertinent. The author chooses to address his concerns…(Read More)

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