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  • The Making of Biblical Womanhood, How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth by Beth Allison Barr

    PrintBeth Barr is a history professor at Baylor University who specializes in medieval studies. Admitting she is not a theologian, but rather a historian (p. 205) (a fact mentioned literally dozens of times and virtually in every chapter), nevertheless Barr believes her background in history places her in a position to clearly see what most Bible scholars and theologians have not, which is that biblical womanhood is not biblical at all, but a plot to suppress women. Biblical womanhood, Barr states has been built “stone by stone by stone throughout the centuries” (p. 205) and is a capitulation to culture and sin rather than a scriptural truth. Complementarianism is an interpretation of Scripture “that has been corrupted by our sinful human drive to dominate others and build hierarchies of power and oppression” (p. 7), or so is Barr’s contention. Some definitions are in order. As Barr uses the terms, biblical…(Read More)

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  • Men and Women in the Church, A Short, Biblical, Practical Introduction by Kevin DeYoung

    PrintKevin DeYoung has written a concise, readable and accessible explanation and defense of the complementarian position. He states, “This book is about the divinely designed complementarity of men and women as it applies to life in general and especially to ministry in the church” (p. 15). To this thesis he …(Read More)
  • Tearing down the Wall, Prayer and the Untold Story by Bob Provost

    PrintAfter 72 years of communist rule, which had brought persecution and suppression for everyone including Christians, the Soviet Bloc began to loosen its grip on its people. In 1989, a couple of years before the collapse of the Iron Curtain, another wall was torn down—that of religious freedom. That year, …(Read More)
  • Just Thinking: About the State by Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker

    PrintDarrell Harrison serves as Dean of Social Media at Grace to You while Virgil Walker is the Executive Director of Operations for G3 Ministries. Together they produce the extremely popular podcast, “Just Thinking”. This book, by the same name, covers many of the subjects these men address weekly on their …(Read More)
  • Climate Change, A Convenient Truth by Jim Hollingsworth

    PrintJim Hollingsworth is a retired building contractor who has obviously devoted much time and energy to researching the issue of climate change.  He does not dispute the fact that the earth is warming; as a matter of fact, it has been doing so since the last ice age about 10,000 …(Read More)
  • The Origin of the Chapters and Verses in the Bible by Laurence M. Vance

    PrintLaurence M. Vance’s short but scholarly booklet traces the origin of chapter and verse insertions into the biblical text.  While these divisions have been maligned by some (p. 5), they have proven to be extremely beneficial to the readers of Scripture.  As might be suspected those who first thought of …(Read More)