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  • Gentle and Lowly, the Heart of Christ For Sinners and Sufferers

    PrintUsing the Puritans, especially Thomas Goodwin, as his guiding interpretive model (p. 14), Dane Ortlund sets out to write a book about the heart of Christ—who He really is (p. 13). The target audience is: “. . . The discouraged, the frustrated, the weary, the disenchanted, the cynical, the empty. Those running on fumes. Those whose Christian lives feel like constantly running up a descending escalator” (p. 13). The strategy being employed is to “take either a Bible passage or a bit of teaching from the Puritans or others and consider what is being said about the heart of God and of Christ” (p. 15). The controlling text, however, is Matthew 11:28-30 in which Jesus describes Himself as gentle and lowly.” This is the one place, the author writes, where Jesus tells us His heart—what He truly is (pp. 17-19). The essence of Jesus is gentle, meek, humble and lowly,…(Read More)

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  • You’re Not Enough (and That’s Okay), Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love by Allie Beth Stuckey

    PrintAllie Beth Stuckey is a writer, speaker and host of the podcast Relatable sponsored by Blaze Media.  In You’re Not Enough, Stuckey takes on the self-love culture which insists that people are perfect the way they are, that love of self is their primary obligation, and that lives should be …(Read More)
  • The Creedal Imperative by Carl R. Trueman

    PrintCarl Trueman, well-known Orthodox Presbyterian scholar and, at the time this book was written, a professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, has authored as fine of a book supportive of using creeds and confessions in the local church as one will likely find.  Reacting to the slogan “No …(Read More)
  • Taking America Back for God by Andrew L. Whitehead and Samuel L. Perry

    PrintAndrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry are both professors of sociology at respected American universities.  This co-authored volume reflects their scholarship and painstaking research on the subject of Christian nationalism, which they claim is “the first empirical examination in the United States” (p. xi).  The goal is to “thoroughly explore one …(Read More)
  • By What Standard, God’s World. . . God Rules by Jared Longshore

    PrintEight authors contribute to this work published by the SBC Founders movement and dedicated to critiquing Critical Race Theory (CRT) in light of biblical understanding on Social Justice. Several authors explain CRT including excellent materials from Voddie Baucham and Tom Ascol.  Ascol lists three problematic principles of critical theory (pp. …(Read More)
  • Diary of a Pastor’s Soul by M. Craig Barnes

    PrintM. Craig Barns offers this fictionalized depiction of a pastor nearing retirement looking back over his years of ministry. Barnes, is currently the president of Princeton Theological Seminary and a professor of pastoral ministry. Coupling his 37 years of pastoral experience with stories from an untold number of pastors he …(Read More)