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  • Should Women Be Pastors and Leaders in Church? My Journey to Discover What the Bible Says About Gender Roles by Bill Rudd

    PrintBill Rudd recently retired after serving as a pastor in four conservative churches over a period of 50 some years.  He has also been an adjunct professor in two seminaries.  Toward the end of his pastoral ministry Rudd shifted from the complementarian to the egalitarian position on the role of women in the church and in the home.  This book chronicles that journey, defending egalitarianism through his new interpretations of pertinent scriptures and support of modern egalitarian scholarship (for example, N.T. Wright is quoted often, pp. 38-39, 104-106, 179, 233-234, 261, 263-264, 274, 341, 343, 345). This is a long book which details many reasons for the author’s radical shift in theology but, when the smoke has cleared, three biblical arguments and one prominent motive emerge.  In my reviews I virtually never ascribe motives, but Rudd reveals his own repeatedly.  He believes complementarianism, often referred to as patriarchy (and always…(Read More)

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  • Christ’s Call to Reform the Church by John MacArthur

    PrintJohn MacArthur sees the imminent need for the church to reform.  A new reformation, as he understands it, would require a return to the five solas of the sixteenth century Reformation.  Short of such an appreciation and adherence to the solas (pp. 177-194) any attempt for church revival will be …(Read More)
  • Christ Alone, the Uniqueness of Jesus as Savior by Stephen Wellum

    PrintStephen Wellum contributes Christ Alone to The 5 Solas Series, edited by Matthew Barrett and published by Zondervan.  Each volume handles one of the foundational Solas of the Reformation, showing why each is important and detailing the theology behind it.  Christ Alone does not disappoint in its mission.  Wellum, who …(Read More)
  • Essential Virtues, Marks of the Christ-Centered Life by Jim Berg

    PrintJim Berg, Dean of Students at Bob Jones University, has written a solid book concerning Christian life and virtues based on the text from 2 Peter 1:5-7.  As the Foreword indicates: “This book focuses on Peter’s call to cultivate essential Christian virtues (2 Peter 1)…What Peter urges upon us in …(Read More)
  • Woke Church, an Urgent Call for Christians in America to Confront Racism and Injustice by Eric Mason

    PrintEric Mason is the founder and pastor of Epiphany Fellowship, a megachurch in Philadelphia.  He writes Woke Church from the perspective of a prominent, conservative, well-respected and culturally engaged black pastor who deals constantly with issues pertinent to the African-American community in general and the church in particular.  He has …(Read More)
  • Finally Free, Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace

    PrintWhile Finally Free is focused primarily on the sin of pornography the biblical principles and practical teachings found within are applicable to all forms of enslaving sin.  Unlike some books on sexual sins Lambert draws attention to better themes as well, such as: Christ, the gospel, and grace.  He writes, …(Read More)