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  • He Will Reign Forever, A Biblical Theology of the Kingdom of God by Michael J. Vlach

    PrintMichael Vlach, Professor of Theology at the Master’s Seminary, has written what I would consider the finest book on the kingdom of God since Alva McCain’s The Greatest of the Kingdom.   He writes from a decidedly dispensational position and argues that the kingdom is the central and unifying theme of Scripture (pp. 5, 21-28, 582).  His goal, as stated in the introduction, is “To present a comprehensive biblical theology of the kingdom of God from a new creationist perspective” (p. 11).  He unpacks this statement on pages 14-16.  Vlach rejects theological positions which advocate replacement theology (pp. 17, 367), or that attempt to reinterpret the Old Testament via the New Testament (pp. 32-41), and any ideas that the Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1:26-28 is incumbent on the church today (pp. 15-17, 60-67, 456-458, 544-545).  Prophecies and promises concerning and given Israel in Scripture will be literally fulfilled (p. 17) in…(Read More)

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