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  • Has the Church Replaced Israel? A Theological Evaluation by Michael J. Vlach

    Michael Vlach, professor of theology at The Master’s Seminary, addresses thoroughly and with clarity one of the major debates within conservative evangelical theology: Has the church replaced Israel?  “The position that the church is the ‘new’ or ‘true’ Israel that replaces or fulfills national Israel’s place in the plan of God has often been called ‘replacement theology’, or ‘supersessionism’ (p. 1).” More recently, some have argued for the title “fulfilment theology” as well (p. 1).  The main issue the book analyzes is the biblical case for supersessionism.  Vlach identifies three forms of supersessionism (pp. 12-17): Punitive or retributive: due to Israel’s disobedience, God has punished the nation by displacing them as the people of God. Economic: it was God’s eternal plan to transfer Israel’s role as the people of God to the church when it was established. Structural: when Scripture is not read through Jewish eyes, and the NT is…(Read More)

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  • Apostate, the Men who Destroyed the Christian West by Kevin Swanson

    Author Kevin Swanson is attempting to trace the philosophical and literary threads that have shaped our modern Western civilization.  He believes that the ideas created by certain influential thinkers and authors are responsible for the destruction of the Christian West.  These ideas are now being popularized by influencial forms of …(Read More)
  • God’s Forever Family, The Jesus People Movement in America by Larry Eskridge

    God’s Forever Family tells the story of the rise, development and influence of the Jesus People (or Freaks, as they were called at the time).  The actual movement was short lived, being birthed directly after the 1967 “Summer of Love” in Haight-Ashbury.  As the hippies flocked to San Francisco to …(Read More)
  • Perspectives on the Doctrine of God, Four Views Ed. by Bruce A. Ware

    Perspectives follows the pattern of similar books presenting contrasting views on doctrinal issues.  In this case, the all-important doctrine of God is in focus with Paul Helm presenting the Classical Calvinistic position, Bruce Ware a modified Calvinism, Roger Olson the Classical Free-Will stance, and John Sanders Open Theism.  Following each …(Read More)
  • Follow the Master, How Jesus Made Disciples by Paul Barreca

    In Follow the Master Paul Barreca is offering a helpful, concise discussion of discipleship.  He primarily follows the pattern given by Jesus in His discipleship of the Twelve.  I appreciated his observation that Jesus’ method was very similar to God’s instruction to Israel found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9.  Banking off this, …(Read More)
  • Next, Pastoral Succession That Works by Willam Vanderbloemen and Warren Bird

    Next is written by two Christian men, one being the research director for Leadership Network and the other the founder of the Vanderbloeman Search Group which connects churches and ministries with the right leadership.  The big idea is that every church and pastor needs a succession plan.  Much of the …(Read More)