Biblical Sufficiency Applied, General Editor Christopher Cone (Fort Worth: Tyndale Seminary Press, 2011), 319 pp. paper $21.00

Eleven different authors contribute to this book dedicated to the promotion of biblical sufficiency. The volume is less a defense of the sufficiency of Scripture than an application of this important doctrine along a wide range of issues facing the conservative evangelical movement today. As general editor Christopher Cone states, “Biblical Sufficiency Applied is an effort on the part of its several contributors to consider certain areas of contemporary controversy in the light of Scripture” (p. 1).

Some of the important issues addressed include: a critique of Rob Bell’s book Love Wins (Cone), biblical counseling (John Adams Tucker), supersessionism (Kevin Zuber), the New Perspective on Paul (myself), worship and music (George Gunn and Arnfield Cudal), contextual interpretation of Scripture (Samuel Dallessandro) and New Covenant Theology (Leon Johnson).

As is the nature of such a book, each article serves more as an introduction to the subjects covered rather than a comprehensive study. Still, there are helpful introductions that will provide the reader the foundation for further study if desired. Some of the conclusions drawn are controversial (even the contributors to this book will not agree with everything written in some of the chapters) but each thesis is well reasoned and supported.

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