Beyond Sex Roles by Gilbert Bilezikian

Beyond Sex Roles is Bilezikian’s (resident theologian at Willow Creek Community Church and professor at Wheaton College) attempt to support the egalitarian position on the role of women within the church and family. Those with a weak understanding of Scripture and/or this particular issue might be impressed with Bilezikian’s arguments. Those with a firm grasp of Scripture and well-versed in this debate will quickly realize that the author is a master of deception. He sets up so many straw men that you begin to feel as if you are in a scarecrow factory. He so thoroughly twists Scripture that you feel the need to visit a chiropractor when you lay the book down. Even the most clear and obvious means of the biblical text are convoluted to fit his presupposition that men and women have been given the same roles and responsibilities in what he calls “the age of the new community.”

For those grounded in the Scriptures who want to understand how egalitarians can justify their positions, Beyond Sex Roles is a source. Other than that I recommend filing this book in the “round file.”