Perhaps the most important issue facing the church today is the matter of authority. Who or what has the right, the authority, to determine what we believe and how we are to live? The answer to that question, not so very long ago, was quite uncomplicated – at least to evangelical Christians. The Word of […]


Angels have long fascinated people. Stories, legends, and myths concerning angels abound, often even within Christianity, but everything we know with certainty about angels is found in the Bible. Angelology is the study of what the Scriptures reveal about angels, and there is much. A subcategory of the doctrine of angels is that of demons, or fallen angels, including […]

New Testament Survey

The New Testament Scriptures contain 27 individual books written by eight inspired authors (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, Peter, Jude and the author of Hebrews). The first four books chronicle the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and are termed Gospels. Acts provides the early history of the church, while the 21 epistles are the inscripturated teachings of […]

Old Testament Survey

The Old Testament Scriptures contain 39 separate books written over a period of about a thousand years (1500-400 BC) by some 25 to 30 different authors. While each of these writings is important to study individually, there is great value in overviewing the entire collection, looking both for the unique contribution of each book and yet observing consistent themes […]


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