Faithfully Different, Regaining Biblical Clarity in a Secular Culture

In Faithfully Different, Natasha Crain is addressing and attempting to equip a specific audience, those who view the Bible as the inspired, sufficient, and authoritative Word of God (pp. 13-14). She believes that the secular worldview now dominates America; that those with a biblical worldview are in the minority (as low as 6 percent, and […]

Bully Pulpit, Confronting the Problem of Spiritual Abuse in the Church

Michael Kruger has correctly observed that spiritual abuse is far too prevalent in the church and getting worse. He believes the problem can be traced to tolerating and even celebrating precisely the kinds of leaders Jesus warned us against—men who are domineering, authoritarian and heavy-handed (p. xiv). The poster boys of abuse, ones Kruger turns […]

Knowing God’s Truth, an Introduction to Systematic Theology

Touted by Christianity Today as one of the best books for 2023, and marketed as an excellent tool for teaching systematic theology to young people, Knowing God’s Truth drew my attention. There is much to commend in this volume. First, it is a relatively short work compared with most systematic theologies, which will appeal to […]

Famine for the Word

Volume 30, Issue 4, May 2024 by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor/Teacher Southern View Chapel From general observation to suffocating surveys, theological drift and biblical illiteracy have come to be recognized as the norm in much of the evangelical, even conservative church. As a result, there is clearly a famine in the land regarding understanding and […]

What Every Christian Must Know about the Future

Volume 30, Issue 3, March 2024 by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor/Teacher Southern View Chapel The Ligonier/Lifeway survey on the State of Theology 2022 did not even ask people’s views about the future or end times. Most people care little about the future because they are fixated on today. They live by the motto #YOLO (you […]

Suffering Well, How to Steward God’s Most Feared Blessing

Rick Thomas is a biblical counselor who leads a training network called The Counseling Solutions Group, Inc. In 1988, his wife of nine years left him, taking his children with her and never coming back. Thus began the darkest period of his life from which he did not fully recover for ten years (p. 126). […]

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