Arthur W. Pink, Born to Write, a Biography by Richard P. Belcher

The writings of Arthur Pink are well known to most students of Scripture; his life is not. Born to Write traces the sad earthly pilgrimage of this sensitive and dedicated man of God. At every turn his preaching and pastoral ministry was rejected, often due to his own attitudes and actions. As his public life soured Pink reacted by becoming progressively isolated. Toward the end of his days he refused visits even from friends. Yet, he never stopped writing his periodical, Studies in the Scriptures. While his writings never received wide readership during his lifetime (1886-1952) they certainly have since. Dozen of books, pieced together from his Studies in the Scriptures, have since been published.

Born to Write is an unhappy chronicle of the life of a good man. It also serves as a warning to others, equally dedicated, and equally extreme in their reactions. While Pink’s theological works and commentaries have impacted many (not all that he wrote is of value) he could have easily broadened his ministry, and deepened his influence, had he been willing to understand that God has called His servants to help real people who are often real sinners. Pink’s inability to understand this was most unfortunate for both himself and God’s church.

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