An Endless Falling in Love by Ty Gibson

This book, which was given to me by a Christian woman, centers around God’s love for us—and ours for Him. Gibson is a master writer and has much to say that is profitable. Unfortunately, he laces his book with errors. He allegorizes Scripture with abandon, often ignoring context (e.g. pp.105-106), accepts extra- biblical revelation (p. 82), and believes the universe is full of inhabited worlds. Gibson is also a Seventh-Day Adventist, even though he disguises it well, and brings out little Adventist theology.

But there is something much more ominous lurking within the pages of An Endless Falling in Love — a heretical view of God (pp.39-45, 104, 113ff). This is a perfect example of how to lead the sheep through the back door into heresy without once mentioning the theological system known as “open theism.” Gibson has enveloped his reader in a winsome, attractive openism and tied it all up with the bow of love. When Clark Pinnock and John Sanders created open theism, they at least were honest enough to explain that they were espousing a form of theology not accepted by “classical theologians.” But, with Gibson, the poor sheep are led to the slaughter without even knowing where they have been led. Those accepting Gibson’s scheme will find themselves cut off from the biblical understanding of God, while no doubt believing they have drawn closer to Him.

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