A Biblical Theology of the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace

George Zemek has written a scholarly and valuable work dealing with, as the title indicates, “exegetical considerations of key anthropological, hamartiogical and soteriological terms and motifs.” His approach is to examine key Hebrew and Greek words dealing with the subject under discussion and then draw theological conclusions based on these word studies and related scriptures. The result is a comprehensive understanding of doctrines related to his three key interrelated themes as mentioned in the title. Along the way, many discussions are found on vital topics such as the nature of the immaterial man, sin, the atonement, redemption, election, regeneration, adoption, justification, repentance, conversion, sanctification, the law and eternal security/assurance.

Zemek’s stated goal is “to review the salient scriptural data bases of the doctrines of man, sin, and salvation and then to express them systematically, hopefully not beyond what the exegetical evidences would allow” (p. xvii). I believe Zemek achieved his goal. Excellent book for the serious student.

by George Zemek (Little Rock: B. T. D.S. G., 2002), 277 pp + xviii, paper $34.00

Reviewed by Gary E. Gilley, Pastor-teacher at Southern View Chapel

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