Growing Souls, Experiments in Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli

  Mark Yaconelli, in conjunction with San Francisco Theological Seminary and with the financial support of the Lilly Endowment, began in 1997 The Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project for the purpose of developing, field testing and promoting a mystical/contemplative approach to youth ministry. That the aims of the project have been successful is evident in […]

John Owen, the Man and His Theology Edited by Robert W. Oliver

John Owen is considered one of the greatest theologians of any era, yet until the reprinting of his Works in the mid 1960s few would have recognized his name (p. 72). John Owen, the Man and His Theology serves as a great introduction to this man and his influence on theological thought. It is written […]

Contemplative Youth Ministry by Mark Yaconelli

Yaconelli has drunk deeply from the cesspool of Roman Catholic mysticism. Unfortunately, he has only sipped at the well of Scripture. What can I say? This book, written by the son of Youth Specialties founder Mike Yaconelli, is a handbook for mysticism (with traces of the emerging church) adapted for youth ministry. It is virtually […]

The New Atheism

(February 2009 – Volume 15, Issue 2) There is much buzz lately about the so-called “New Atheism.” This seems to be an odd term given the fact that there are not very many ways that a person can spin atheism – old atheism denied the existence of God and new atheism does the same, so what […]

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