Pastoring With Both Eyes Opened – Part 2

(January 2009 – Volume 15, Issue 1)  In our last Think on These Things paper the issue of the two major enemies facing pastors was being discussed. There the enemy of internal conflicts within the body of Christ was the subject. In this paper we will turn our attention to the external enemy of false teaching. […]

Pastoring With Both Eyes Opened – Part 1

(December 2008 – Volume 14, Issue 13)  What attracts men to the pastorate? It is rarely prestige, power or money (especially the latter). In most cases it is love, love for Christ, love for people and love for the Word of God. The typical Bible college or seminary student can hardly wait to leave the academic […]

This Little Church Had None

(November 2008 – Volume 14, Issue 12)  Ever since my college days I have enjoyed the study of philosophy. It is fascinating to delve into the reasoning of thinkers like Plato, Descartes or Kant and study how they piece life together. However, I have always deliberated on these philosophies from a biblical vantage point. That is, […]

Don’t You Believe It

(October 2008 – Volume 14, Issue 11) I often receive inquiries concerning supposed conversions, especially among Muslim people, as a result of visions, dreams and other direct revelations. Stories are abundant of such events and are quickly passed along by well-meaning Christians. But can these stories be verified? Are they true or just rumors? Where […]

Use and Misuse of Scripture

(September 2003 – Volume 9, Issue 9)  The truly blessed individual is described in Psalm 1: His delight is in the Law of the Lord, and in His Law he meditates day and night. Godly people delight in the Word of God. They love it; they cherish it; they can’t get enough of it. That […]

The Sufficiency of Scripture – Part 2

(September 1995 – Volume 1, Issue 11) In our last paper, we attempted to demonstrate that through the influence of neo-Gnosticism, in the form of the Charismatic Movement, even many in the conservative/fundamental ranks are subtly adjusting their view of the Scriptures. These individuals would defend to the death their belief in the inerrancy and […]

The Sufficiency of Scripture – Part 1

(August 1995 – Volume 1, Issue 10) Inerrancy is the belief that the Scriptures contain no errors in the original. Infallibility guarantees the accuracy of the recorded messages found in the Word. The Scriptures today are under attack. Of course, this is nothing new; we can trace such attacks to the Garden of Eden. What […]

The Bible Translation Debate – Part 2

(January 1997 – Volume 2, Issue 15) We now move from the subject of Greek and Hebrew manuscripts to the English translations available today. It must be understood that there is no such thing as a true literal translation. Instead, there is a spectrum, a graduation. Translation is not a pure mechanical process, and is […]

The Bible Translation Debate – Part 1

(December 1996 – Volume 2, Issue 14) There are many Christians who are confused over the plethora of Bible translations that are available today, especially to the English reader. A visit to any well-stocked Christian bookstore would result in discovery of translations such as: the King James Version, the New King James Version, the Revised […]

The Bible Code

(January 1998 – Volume 4, Issue 1) The ad reads, “The Signature of God: Astonishing Biblical Discoveries has swept the minds of Christians and skeptics alike. His explosive teaching documents mysterious Hebrew codes in the Old Testament that reveal Hitler, Rabin, Jesus, and much more. You’ll be startled by archaeological evidence confirming Christ’s death, the […]

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