Inner Healing and Visualization

(November 1996 – Volume 2, Issue 13) The true gospel message is that God saves people even though they are yet sinners (Romans 5:1-11). However, He does not simply leave them in their sins, but rather, forgives their sins and imputes to them the righteousness of Christ (Romans 4). By grace He brings them into […]

Codependency, A Biblical View

(October 1996 – Volume 2, Issue 12)  There is neither scientific nor Biblical evidence to support the claims of those who teach the theories of codependency, but why should truth get in the way of a good thing? Codependency is one of the “hot topics,” at the moment, in modern-day psychology. Until recent years the […]

Evangelicals and Catholics Together – Part 3

(April 1998 – Volume 4, Issue 4) The Book After the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document was published, Chuck Colson claimed, ‘We were not prepared for the intensity of the discussion – and controversy that greeted the declaration’ (p.ix). Why not? After all Evangelicals and Catholics Together was all but asking the evangelical community to […]

Evangelicals and Catholics Together – Part 2

(March 1998 – Volume 4, Issue 3) “The Gift of Salvation” A few years ago a coalition of evangelical believers headed by Chuck Colson, and including men such as J. I. Packer, Max Lucado and Bill Bright, shocked the Christian world by composing and signing a document with several well-known Roman Catholics, led by Father […]

Evangelicals and Catholics Together – Part 1

(December 1994 – Volume 1, Issue 2)  Was the Reformation a mistake, or do fundamental points of doctrine still separate the Roman Catholic Church from us? Perhaps no one has been more productive for the cause of ecumenicalism in recent years than Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship. Colson, in particular, has defended the concept […]

Turning to God – Part 2

(December 2000 – Volume 6, Issue 12) As I began a long walk, I realized that a small rock was in my shoe. I could either continue to walk without removing the rock, live with the irritation and possibly rub a blister on my foot, or I could remove the rock. Repentance has become that […]

Turning to God – Part 1

(November 2000 – Volume 6, Issue 11) Confusion! The understanding that salvation is the result of God’s grace alone, received through faith alone in Christ alone, was the cornerstone of the Reformation and is universally recognized by all true Fundamental/evangelical Christians. Nevertheless, all aspects of this trifold pronouncement of solas are under attack today within […]

The Role of Women in Ministry – Part 3

(November 1998 – Volume 4, Issue 10) The Christian community is fighting great battles over the role of women in ministry and the secular community is taking notice. For example, U.S. News and World Report, August 10, 1998, offered a special report entitled “The Bible According to Eve” outlining, with some accuracy, the issues and […]

The Role of Women in Ministry – Part 2

(October 1998 – Volume 4, Issue 9) First Community Church is in turmoil. Michael and Jane Gregory are one of the five founding couples of the church and have believed since the church was started three years ago that they should have an equal part in its ministry. Recently Jane has expressed an interest in […]

The Role of Women in Ministry – Part 1

(September 1998 – Volume 4, Issue 8) Someone has said that there are two views of the creation of women, one held by women, the other by men. Women say that God made man, looked at him, and said, “I can do better than that!” So He made woman. Men hold that after God made […]

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