Still Waters by W. Phillip Keller

Warning! This book may be hazardous to your peace of mind. I picked up Still Waters thinking that it would be a devotional work along the line of the author’s famous and excellent, A Shepherd Looks at the Twenty Third Psalm, but quickly realized that this was a totally different kind of book. Still Waters […]

Seabiscuit, an American Legend by Laura Hillenbrand

For anyone who loves sports in general and the history of horse racing in particular, Seabiscuit is a classic. This is a meticulously researched true account that reads like a fast-paced novel. It is a nonfiction story that is better than fiction. Seabiscuit, for the uninitiated, was arguably the third best racehorse to have ever […]

Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss

Have you ever considered reading a book on punctuation? No? You will change your mind if you read Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Truss’ book has been a best seller in England for some time, but has jumped the pond and is now a hit in America. Truss actually teaches sound principles concerning punctuation and makes […]

Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Common Sense, the famous “pamphlet” published on January 10, 1776 by Thomas Paine, was a powerful call for American independence from England. It met with immediate success and had numerous reprints, tipping the scales in the minds of many toward the Revolution. At the same time it brought resolve and courage to those who fought […]

Building the Kingdom of God on Earth by Martin Erdmann

Building the Kingdom of God on Earth is an excellent work which informs us of the past and gives us much to consider for the future. Erdmann writes of the era when World War I was approaching and a number of influential people gave thought to what could possibly abolish war and solve most of […]

America, Oil, And the Islamic Mind by Michael Youssef

This is an excellent little primer outlining the basic beliefs of the Islamic religion. In addition the reader is given a brief history of Islam and a peek into the mindset of the Muslim people. The biggest drawback is that it was last updated following the Gulf War in 1991, so what has happened since […]

Who are the Puritans? by Erroll Hulse

This is a wonderful primer on the life and beliefs of the early English Puritans. The book is broken into thee parts. Part 1 gives a brief history of the Puritan movement. Part 2 contains a great number of short biographies of the prominent Puritans. This is an invaluable resource. The final part deals with […]

When the Fire Fell by R. Maurice Smith

The last great revival in the Western world recognized by non-charismatics was the Welsh Revival of 1904. Many longingly look back to that “outpouring of the Spirit of God” and cry out to God for something similar today. With this in mind I have recently begun a study of the Welsh Revival, this being one […]

Understanding Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism by George M. Marsden

Marsden lays out the thesis of his book in its opening sentence: “This book provides an overview of the history of American fundamentalism and evangelicalism plus interpretations of some important themes.” As promised, much of the book (part one) is an excellent historical account of the origins and development of both the fundamental and evangelical […]