Scripture Alone by R. C. Sproul

This is a handy little volume defending the evangelical doctrine of sola Scriptura. Sproul provides a short history and some of the challenges to sola Scriptura(chapter 1), discusses the formation of the canon (chapter 2), builds a case for inerrancy (chapter 3), devotes chapter 4 to the internal testimony of the Spirit to the authority […]

Yoga and the Body of Christ by Dave Hunt

Yoga has become wildly popular in the West in recent years, promoted as a science and an exercise program conducive to good health. Dave Hunt, in this well researched book, wants us to know that yoga has its roots in, and is the very heart of, Hinduism. Its goal is to get in touch with […]

The Reason for God, by Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller has pastored Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan since 1989. In the course of twenty years in New York, Keller has encountered many skeptics who vocalized sincere concerns about the Christian faith. The Reason for Goddescribes Keller’s approach to handling the most pressing questions of our time, especially those of young people. The first […]

Y2K: A Reasoned Response to Mass Hysteria by Dave Hunt

Hunt takes a far more moderate approach than many to the computer glitch now referred to as Y2K. He quotes generously from those who foresee great disaster as the world approaches the year 2000, but he firmly disagrees with their scenario. The views of the doomsayers are based, Hunt believes, on misinformation and/or dated reports. […]

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

Seven Habits is one of the most successful and widely acclaimed books in the success literature genre. Even in fundamental Christian circles it ha received strong endorsements. So I had to see what all the excitement was about for myself. On the positive side I greatly appreciate Covey’s emphasis on character development as opposed to […]

The Pocket University by Several

The Pocket University, first published in 1923, is a collection of some of the finest pieces of literature in the English language. Within its first 22 volumes are 1380 masterpieces just waiting to teach, inspire and give us enjoyment. Volume 23, a classic in itself, emphasizes the joy of reading, and also includes a systematic […]

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko

There goes another millionaire, that guy in his $2000 suit, driving his BMW to his home in the fanciest part of town. Right? Not likely. According to the authors of this fascinating book the millionaire is probably the guy behind him in his three-year-old Chevy, wearing casual clothing and living in a middle class neighborhood. […]

The Millennium Bug by Michael S. Hyatt

Hyatt is “convinced that Y2K problems presents us with, potentially, the most significant, extensive, and disruptive crisis we have ever faced (p. xix).” He has written this best seller in order “to lay the facts before you, help you understand how they will affect you, and then help you decide what you must do – […]

The Melungeons by N. Brent Kennedy

An interesting account of the possible origins of the mysterious Melungeons. Kennedy traces the incomplete record of this race of people found mostly in Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee, all the way back to the 15th century. This is also the sorry story of the discrimination against the Melungeons, which in many ways rivals that […]

The Hedge of Thorns by Mark Hamby

This is a supposed true account of John Carrol and his sister Bell who lived in 17th century England. Taken from Carrol’s own account and first published in 1819 by John Hatchard, the story has been rewritten and published by Mark Hamby for modern readers. This is a highly moving little story of a literal […]

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