Safe In The Arms Of God by John MacArthur

MacArthur has a premise: Those too young or mentally incapable, to understand the consequences of sin and the gospel message go safely into the arms of God upon death. While this has been the commonly held view throughout much of church history there are many who object. The objection is based upon the fact that […]

Revelation 20 and the Millennial Debate by Matthew Waymeyer

In Revelation 20 Waymeyer carefully analyzes the debate circling around the events described in Revelation 20. The positions of amillennialism, post-millennialism and premillennialism are all presented in clear and understandable form drawn from primary sources. He ultimately defends and supports the premillennial view and does it well. Particular issues addressed include the time of Satan’s […]

Reprobation Asserted by John Bunyan

In this little volume, John Bunyan, best known for his allegories Pilgrims Progress and Holy War, tackles the difficult doctrine of reprobation. Some of the Calvinist persuasion, of which Bunyan was one, have taught that God not only chose some for salvation but also elected others for damnation. Bunyan rejects this definition of reprobation and […]

Reforming or Conforming, Post-Conservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church by Edited by Gary Johnston & Ronald Gleason

Fourteen scholars and pastors, mostly from the Reformed tradition, tackle numerous issues that have been raised by Emergent and post-conservative thinkers. Subjects addressed include the doctrine of Scripture, Foundationalism (which seems to defy definition), the wrath of God, postmodernism and the Emergent Church in general (my chapter in this volume). There are some excellent contributions […]

Possessed by God by David Peterson

Possessed by God is one of the monographs contributing to the “New Studies in Biblical Theology” series. Peterson’s concern is the issue of sanctification as defined by Scripture and lived out in the life of the believer. Peterson works from the backdrop of numerous unbiblical understandings of sanctification: Wesleyism, Keswick Higher-Life, Roman Catholic, and other […]

Mysticism, Its Meaning and Message by Georgia Harkness

Written by a professing Christian, who is nevertheless sympathetic to mysticism, this volume does an excellent job of covering the material in a readable form. Admitting that mysticism is a slippery term with many definitions, Harkness decides that mysticism has more to do with communion with God than union. Her understanding is that mysticism is […]

Mysticism, an Evangelical Option? by Winfried Corduan

Mysticism is big, not only in Eastern religions and occult practitioners, but also in Christianity as well. The question at hand is: is it an option for the evangelical? Is it something to be sought; does it fit with the Scriptures? Winfried Corduan attempts an answer, but not before he gives a solid overview of […]

Losing Our Virtue: Why the Church Must Recover Its Moral Vision by David F. Wells

An excerpt taken from The Master’s Seminary Journal, Vol. 9, #2. David F. Wells. Losing Our Virtue: Why the Church Must Recover Its Moral Vision. Grand Rapids: Eedmans, 1998. 228 pp. $25.00 (cloth). Reviewed by Richard L. Mayhue, Senior Vice-President and Dean. Few doubt that the evangelical church is in a state of spiritual crisis. […]

Letters from a Skeptic by Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd

In this popular volume Professor Greg Boyd publishes a series of letters written over a two-year period between himself and his father. Boyd’s father at the time was not a believer – as a matter of fact he was a hardened skeptic. Boyd calmly explains the gospel, theology and apologetics to his father as he […]