Entertainment – Part 3

(April 2001 – Volume 7, Issue 4)  A Backlash Many see this entertainment form of worship, which we have been discussing, as a fad that will pass through our land and ultimately vanish over the horizon. If so, it will leave behind a scorched earth full of discouraged and bewildered believers who will not know where […]

Entertainment – Part 2

(March 2001 – Volume 7, Issue 3) If entertainment has become a way of life, it has permeated all aspects of society and culture. If, in fact, so much that the American people say and do is defined by entertainment (as we argued in our last paper), then we are not surprised to find that entertainment […]

Entertainment – Part 1

(February 2001 – Volume 7, Issue 2) One is tempted, when dealing with such a subject as entertainment, to immediately face the current issues as related to the matter at hand. We are anxious to explore the place entertainment plays in our society, its encroachment upon the church, and its impact on the changing face of […]

Emergent Books

(May 2008 – Volume 14, Issue 5)  A note from Pastor Gilley: I have recently completed reading a number of books related to the emergent conversation. This month’s TOTT paper will be composed of my reviews of these books. Finding Our Way Again, the Return to the Ancient Practicesby Brian McLaren Brian McLaren, the most recognizable […]

Church Discipline and Church Growth

(October 2004 – Volume 10, Issue 10)  Undoubtedly the most neglected and misunderstood activity that any church can undertake is that of disciplining its members. Our society equates love with tolerance. “Live and let live” is its mantra; “What right do you have to judge me?” is our challenge. These attitudes, of course, have infiltrated the […]