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  • My Favorite Books Volume 6

    PrintVolume 27, Issue 7, August 2021 Since I began writing book reviews a number of years ago, it seemed to some that the majority of these reviews dealt with books that were either errant or at best mixed in their biblical accuracy.  So, in August 2004 I began listing, by category, the better books that I have reviewed to encourage the reading of quality Christian literature. Up until now, I have written five TOTT papers on my favorite books. Volume five added about 30 books and also listed by name all recommended books from the first four volumes. I now add another 32 books to those lists, books I have read in the last 3 years that I believe deserve mention.   Hopefully our readers will recall that just because a book is cited as a favorite does not mean that it is without some problems. Complete reviews of each volume…Read More »

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