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  • Racism and Critical Race Theory Part 4, A Biblical Response

    PrintVolume 27, Issue 4, April 2021 In formulating a response to CRT and the broader social justice philosophy, which has momentarily captured the imagination of Western culture and increasingly made inroads into evangelicalism, we must begin not with contemporary theories but with Scripture. I would like to propose, and briefly address from Scripture, three key questions: What did we expect? Many Christians seem dumbfounded when the fruit of godless worldviews and false, spiritually-bankrupt ideologies emerge. This trend is especially prominent in America where some have equated Christianity with the American way of life (often called Christian Nationalism). Because of material prosperity and a relative level of common morality, many evangelicals have been led to believe that they live in a truly Christian society in which God is honored and His Word obeyed, at least superficially. When the bubble pops, whether that be in the form of social unrest, senseless violence,…Read More »

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  • The Creedal Imperative by Carl R. Trueman

    PrintCarl Trueman, well-known Orthodox Presbyterian scholar and, at the time this book was written, a professor of church history at Westminster Theological Seminary, has authored as fine of a book supportive of using creeds and confessions in the local church …Read More »
  • Taking America Back for God by Andrew L. Whitehead and Samuel L. Perry

    PrintAndrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry are both professors of sociology at respected American universities.  This co-authored volume reflects their scholarship and painstaking research on the subject of Christian nationalism, which they claim is “the first empirical examination in the United …Read More »
  • By What Standard, God’s World. . . God Rules by Jared Longshore

    PrintEight authors contribute to this work published by the SBC Founders movement and dedicated to critiquing Critical Race Theory (CRT) in light of biblical understanding on Social Justice. Several authors explain CRT including excellent materials from Voddie Baucham and Tom …Read More »
  • Diary of a Pastor’s Soul by M. Craig Barnes

    PrintM. Craig Barns offers this fictionalized depiction of a pastor nearing retirement looking back over his years of ministry. Barnes, is currently the president of Princeton Theological Seminary and a professor of pastoral ministry. Coupling his 37 years of pastoral …Read More »