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  • The Battle for God – Part 5

    PrintVolume 28, Issue 5, June 2022 In the previous “The Battle for God” article,” I affirmed general agreement with Classical Theism and its Nicene and pro-Nicene understanding of the Trinity. Yet I registered a concern that the trajectory of some supporting the Great Tradition is toward what has been termed a theological interpretation of Scripture (explained later),[1] which draws a  sharp distinction between Scripture and theology. While I believe the framers of the Nicene Creed got things essentially right, the Church Fathers were humans after all and not divinely inspired. I believe this distinction is where scholars promoting EFS (Eternal Functional Submission), such as Bruce Ware and Owen Strachan, part company to a certain degree with the classicalists such as Matthew Barrett, Peter Sammons, and James Dolezal. Simply put, does the Bible determine what we are to believe or do theology, philosophy, and metaphysics regulate what the Bible says? If…Read More »

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  • The Battle for God – Part 4

    Print Volume 28, Issue 4, May 2022 Since publishing the first three parts in “The God Debate” series, I have read Matthew Barrett’s Simply Trinity and the most recent issue of The Master’s Seminary Journal, both of which strongly defend Classical …Read More »
  • Beth Allison Barr’s Distortion of Biblical Womanhood

    PrintVolume 28, Issue 3, April 2022 Recently we published a book review of Beth Allison Barr’s book, The Making of Biblical Womanhood.  Since then a revised form of that review was published in The Journal of Dispensational Theology, and given …Read More »
  • Best Books

    PrintVolume 28, Issue 2, February 2022 Much of my life and ministry has been devoted to reading and study. Fortunately, the Lord has instilled in me a great love for such endeavors although, to be honest, I have managed to …Read More »
  • The Battle for God – Part 3

    PrintVolume 28, Issue 1, January 2022 While debates concerning the nature of God can be traced throughout church history, often resulting in creeds such as Nicene (381), which established a standard of theological orthodoxy, battle lines in recent years have …Read More »

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  • The Church as a Culture of Care, Finding Hope in Biblical Community

    PrintAs Dale Johnson is the current executive director of the Association of Certified Bible Counselors and a professor of biblical counseling at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the reader would expect this work to be an explanation and promotion of biblical …Read More »
  • Recovering Our Sanity, How the Fear of God Conquers the Fears That Divide Us

    PrintTheologian, and prolific author, Michael Horton, states his own thesis for this volume, “My thesis is that the fear of God drives out the fear of everything else (p. 17, italics his). He further elaborates: “I want to help us …Read More »
  • A Primer on Biblical Literacy

    PrintCory Marsh is a professor of New Testament at Southern California Seminary. He is concerned about biblical literacy, what it is, why Christians should be biblically literate, and how they can become biblically literate (pp. vii-viii). Starting with the premise …Read More »
  • The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

    PrintThis work was one of Christianity Today’s “Books of the Year” and, as its title suggests, is centered on the resurrection of Jesus, which the author believes is the “core of the core” of the gospel. The author’s stated purpose …Read More »