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  • The Battle for God – Part 3

    PrintVolume 28, Issue 1, January 2022 While debates concerning the nature of God can be traced throughout church history, often resulting in creeds such as Nicene (381), which established a standard of theological orthodoxy, battle lines in recent years have been drawn over the issue of submission of the Son to the authority of the Father. Those calling themselves classical theists maintain that the Son was subordinate to the Father only during His incarnation.  Others, sometimes termed theistic mutualists, believe that the Son has eternally submitted to the Father; yet in no way is this submission a sign of inferiority.  Their position has been labeled the Eternal Subordination of the Son (ESS), or the Eternal Functional Submission of the Son (EFS), and more recently Eternal Roles of Authority and Submission (ERAS).  Since much mudslinging between the classicalists and the mutualists has occurred, and since most Christians are unaware of the…Read More »

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  • The Battle for God – Part 2

    PrintVolume 27, Issue 9, December 2021 In part one of this series, the origin of the debate between classical theists and theistic mutualists concerning the nature of God was introduced. The essence of the discussion centers on whether or not …Read More »
  • The Battle for God – Part 1

    PrintVolume 27, Issue 8, October 2021 While most conservative evangelicals were resting comfortably in the Trinitarian understanding of the Godhead, as stated in the Nicene Creed (AD 381), a storm was brewing on the theological horizon of others.  In just …Read More »
  • My Favorite Books Volume 6

    PrintVolume 27, Issue 7, August 2021 Since I began writing book reviews a number of years ago, it seemed to some that the majority of these reviews dealt with books that were either errant or at best mixed in their …Read More »
  • Book Listing for the Social Justice Movement Articles

    PrintVolume 27, Issue 6, June 2021 I have read more than 30 books in preparation for the five-part Think on These Things series on the Social Justice Movement (SJM) and Critical Race Theory (CRT).  Some of the books were read …Read More »

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