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  • Understanding Gender Dysphoria, Navigating Transgender Issues in a Changing Culture by Mark A. Yarhouse

    What the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition (DSM-4) called gender identity disorder, the DSM-5 now calls gender dysphoria.  Gender dysphoria is not a synonym for terms such as transgender, transsexual, genderfluid, gender bending, transvestism or intersex.  Instead it refers to “experiences of gender identity in which a person’s psychological and emotional sense of themselves does not match or align with their birth sex” (p 19).  The psychological world has no concern about those with gender dysphoria unless it causes significant stress.  At that point it is considered a condition needing treatment and is capitalized as gender dysphoria (pp 19, 85-100). The author, Mark Yarhouse, has his PsyD from Wheaton College and is now a professor of psychology at Regent University and represents the Christian psychological approach that, at best, could be described as integrationalist.   Yarhouse’s views depend primarily on research and psychological analysis rather than Scripture,…(Read More)

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